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The Definition of Devotion

The Definition of Devotion
(Past) Victoire/Teddy
The icon is because in dvv_rpg Victoire is PB'd by Alona Tal and Teddy by Jensen Ackles, not a fandom mix up. ;)

Victoire Weasley listened to the fluttering of the girls in her dorm as they discussed things like their boyfriends, sex, dates, and in hushed tones, as if afraid to jinx it—weddings. She would listen without really intending too, while attempting to read or study and their idiocy would only serve to get under her skin. She would listen, accidentally let in on the working of their relationships—because they never included her in the conversations, and she would feel vindictively pleased when someone would find out that so-and-so cheated on them, or this relationship failed because of this or that.

She often felt bad afterwards, for feeling that way, but their chattering had a tendency to get under her skin, and she knew she was a joke to them. The one thing that bothered her the most was when they came across how devoteddevotion she had had for him, as if it was exclusive to only the good times.

It burned her, because she knew they didn’t understand devotion, and she tried to not let it bother her, but it always did. She would end up putting aside her book, her essay, or whatever it was keeping her in the dorm and reach under her bed for her stationary. It was thin, delicate stuff; paper so thin that when you held it to the light you could practically see through it and a well placed poke with a quill could rip through the cream-coloured paper. She would throw herself onto her stomach and begin to write a letter, venting everything in snippets and long-winded explanations.

Dear Teddy,

The girls in my dorm are prattling on again, and it’s hard not to snap at them when they talk about love and devotion. Ha. They don’t
understand devotion. Devotion isn’t hanging off someone’s arm when everything is going well and they feel loved and adored. It doesn’t work like that. Devotion is staying away when they don’t want you, not clinging or begging. It’s putting the other person first, before everything else, even if it hurts like hell. Sometimes I feel so much older than them, teddy, and I just want to get out. They talk about things they don’t understand and treat me like a fool, when really it’s them that don’t understand. One forgot the supposed love of her life after he cheated on her and is now madly in love with a Ravenclaw because he’s attentive. I predict they won’t last until exams. Devotion isn’t something you can help. It’s something that socks you in the stomach and says ‘I know what’s best for me, but I want you instead’ and it’s not even right because it isn’t something you want—it’s something you can’t help.


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Dec. 11th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
A very nice and easy read. Excellent! :)
Dec. 11th, 2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!
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